aspiring toward a deeper understanding of Type, of each other, of ourselves.

“I have looked at the world from the standpoint of type for more than fifty years and have found the experience constantly rewarding.”Isabel Briggs Myers, Gifts Differing

If you want to learn more about, or wish to discuss the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Instrument, this site may be just what you are looking for. While not an official CPP site, it is the site developed as a discussion forum and resource by Katharine D. Myers over many years and it is now managed jointly by her and the Editor, Cynthia Stengel Paris.

We invite you to use this site to learn about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Instrument and Jungian psychological type. These resources can help you to understand yourself, and appreciate differences in others. The model can enhance your business and personal relationships, your team performance, your success in work or school and your personal growth and development. The MBTI® assessment  and psychological type cross demographics, industries, and cultural and international boundaries and are applicable in a multitude of settings.

Our Mission

The Mission of MBTI® Type Today is to provide a forum for those interested in furthering their understanding and practice of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Instrument as the doorway to Jungian Psychological Type and the psychology of individuation.

Jung defined individuation as the lifelong journey of consciously becoming who we were meant to be. Beginning with an understanding of our MBTI® type, there is a natural path or evolution to this journey of lifelong development, which we have termed The Five Levels of Understanding™. For the author, years of working with type have been a beckoning path of ever deepening knowledge of self, of human behavior, and of life itself. Our mission is to provide a pathway to interested MBTI® practitioners, users and explorers, to step through the opening of MBTI® type as a guide through the rich world of Jungian psychology, and as a compass for the individuation process.

Letters to Our Readers

A Message from Katharine Downing Myers, Owner

With the re-launch of my web site, I am happy to welcome Cindy Stengel Paris as the new Editor. We have been colleagues for years, and I believe she has the depth of knowledge, the passionate commitment to the value of Jungian psychological type and the MBTI® instrument, and the creativity to develop new ideas, understanding, and application. Most important is her deep concern for ethical use of the indicator.

My personal commitment has been to see that the pioneering work of Isabel Briggs Myers continues to maintain the integrity of both the MBTI® instrument and the Jungian theory on which it is based, and that it stays at the cutting edge of psychological testing – as the gold standard which it has been. Cindy shares this commitment.

The goal for the content of this site is to provide information which will help MBTI® practitioners and those who take it, to use the MBTI® assessment and Jungian theory, with integrity.

This site also has a focus which is less well known – my personal focus of the last twenty years – psychological type as a gateway into an ever increasing depth of understanding, and using Jungian analytical psychology for lifelong development; an approach I call, The Five Levels of Understanding™.

I hope you find this site to be a source of valuable information and a place to voice opinions and share ideas about the MBTI® instrument and Jungian psychological type.

Katharine Downing Myers, January 24, 2011

About Katharine Downing Myers, MA

Katharine D MyersKatharine D. Myers
Site Owner and
Director Emeritus, MBTI® Foundation

The MBTI® assessment has been part of Katharine Myers’ personal and professional life since 1942. In that year, Isabel Myers gave one of her early forms to the Swarthmore High School class in which her son and daughter, as well as Katharine, were students. Katharine’s background is in education, counseling, psychology, and consulting. She is co-author with Margaret Hartzler of the first publisher-approved Qualifying Program and is co-author with Linda K. Kirby of Introduction to Type Dynamics and Development (© 1994, Consulting Psychology Press, Inc.)

Katharine is co-owner with Peter Myers of the MBTI® assessment copyrights and Director Emeritus of the Myers-Briggs Foundation.

A Message from Cynthia Stengel Paris, Editor

Dear Reader:
Welcome to MBTItoday.org. What could be more humbling than to be entrusted with the Editorship of Katharine D. Myers’ personal website? Having this responsibility provides me with an opportunity to continue the stewardship of so many others before me that have dedicated their lives to helping others through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® tool and Jungian psychological type.

MBTItoday.org has been updated to make it more user friendly, including a shift in format to WordPress, which enables both website and blogging capabilities. This site is a place where people can come to get accurate and sound information about the MBTI Indicator® Instrument and psychological type, as well as contribute to discussions and ask questions. If you have something to contribute, you can do it right here.

The 16 MBTI® types and the theory of psychological type are still as relevant and valid as when Isabel Myers created the types many years ago. More and more, people are beginning to see how their personality type influences their lives in both business and personal settings. There are those who would prefer to obtain this understanding from more simplistic behavioral “profiling” instruments, but the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Instrument remains the most psychologically tested, validated and written about instrument available today. In my experience, understanding our psychological type through the MBTI® assessment is the most reliable way to move into a deeper and sounder understanding of our own humanity and that of others, through knowledge of Carl Jung’s theory of lifelong human growth and development.

I hope you enjoy the site and will participate in its growth by providing us with your contributions and feedback.

Cynthia Stengel Paris, January 24, 2011

About Cynthia Stengel Paris

Cynthia Stengel ParisCynthia Stengel Paris
Co-Author and Site Editor

Cynthia Stengel Paris is an MBTI® Master Practitioner. The MBTI® Indicator has been an integral part of Cindy’s life since she obtained her MBTI® Professional Qualification in 1999. After learning about the MBTI® Indicator and her type, ENFJ, Cindy had many “aha” moments, one of which caused her to re-evaluate her career path. Building on her knowledge of what would ignite her passion and utilize her strengths, Cindy founded The People Skills Group, LLC in 2001 which helps teams and leaders work better together through the use of the MBTI® Indicator and Jungian psychological type. Cindy became an adjunct faculty member of an MBTI® professional certification provider and trained hundreds of budding practitioners nationwide to administer and interpret the Indicator. Cindy has found a true friend and mentor in Katharine Myers, and has worked with Katharine to help her promote the Indicator and its ethical use for years.